Every car I’ve purchased in the past was something I could look at before making a decision. Often this was from private parties, but in any case, I could walk around, look at the car, and try to decide what to check. For a couple of the ranch vehicles, this wasn’t the case, but that’s a different process altogether. Those were new and really they are commodities.

For the most part, I usually looked up recall notices, common issues, and then walked around. For my Porches, I actually found checklists (914, 911) to look at since these were older cars. I went through the things to look at and then had a mechanic go behind me.

For the Tesla, I haven’t seen the car. It’s new, and under warranty, so I am not too worried, but there have been plenty of complaints about build quality over the last few years for Model 3/Y cars.

I looked around and found these:

Lots of choices. Ultimately, I got the app, which I’ll use, and then I printed out the checklist and will let my wife or son go through that one. We might duplicate some effort, but between 2-3 of us, we should get things checked out.

There is a video of this post on my channel, if you want to watch and listen to me talk about this part of the experience.

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