When we had 3 kids in Colorado and we wanted to go skiing, it was a hassle. We started to look around for a larger truck and found this 2001 Suburban for sale for $6500. It had 101k or 110k miles on it at the time, but it seemed like it was in good shape. We had it checked out with a local shop and then bought it.

The only thing that I didn’t really check well was the AC. We bought it in fall and it seemed to work, but the next spring we realized it didn’t work. Some leak, and at $1000+ to replace, we’ve never fixed it.

I think we bought it in 2007 or 2008, but it’s now 2021. This car has 230k+ miles and it’s been the best car I ever bought. I drove it for awhile as the primary car while looking for the BMW. My middle son used it for 3 years as his winter car in Boulder. My oldest son used it on and off for work.

Certainly we’ve done some work. Replaced brakes a few times, lots of oil changes, tires replaced, some minor engine work. I replaced both side mirrors, and the rear lifters for the tailgate twice. The rear defroster and wiper don’t work, and I haven’t figured it out, but we’ve survived.

That car has gotten the entire family to the moutains to ski many times. I gave it to my nephew in 2021 to go up with his friends to ski by themselves, and it was great.

I was really tempted to get another car of this generation instead of the BMW, but they were relatively expensive.

I should have just gotten one.