I was at work yesterday, 1 Sep, when I got an email from Tesla asking me to schedule the pickup. I clicked the link and it confirmed the car and then gave me a scheduler. Unfortunately, it looked like this:

Tesla pickup schedule

The only two days were the 10th and 11th, both of which I was hoping to be out of town visiting my daughter. We weren’t 100% sure we’d go, hoping to make a decision last night or today.

I decided to reach out to the local Tesla store in Littleton, which is where I’d go to pick up the car. I told them I could do the 7th or 13th. They got back to me quickly, noting the 7th was possible, but the car might not arrive by then. I’d make time anytime that day, and told them so.

Tentatively, we ended up scheduling for the 7th at 4pm, and I have my fingers crossed. If that doesn’t work out, that’s fine. I’ll just move to the 13th if the trip takes place.

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