I went skiing on April 1, the day that I got the FSD trial. I tried to record some of my initial impressions, but all I got was a few pictures of the screen, because apparently I’m an idiot and didn’t start the video recording. However, you can see this is enabled on a country road, a place Autopilot doesn’t work.

![Picture of FSD in the neighborhood]](/assets/img/cars/20240401_fsd_countryroad.jpg)

I drove to Keystone, enjoyed a 1/2 day, and then on the way home, as I approached Idaho Springs, I started recording. I had set navigation to Beau Jo’s pizza, so the car knew where to exit the highway.

A video of the experience is available, but it worked pretty well. I had it get into town, and then took over to park the car on the last bit.

Overall, I was impressed.

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