The car is amazing, but like most cars I’ve purchased, I wanted to add a few things to it. This post looks at the things I purchased.

License Plate

I wanted to be legal in Colorado. I don’t need the hassle or reasons to get stopped, especially being a brown man in a very rural county. I ordered the Slipstream Bracket for 2022-2020 Tesla Model Y by ThatGrin LLC. It clips onto the front air dam bracket, and then has screws that prevent it from coming loose. I think it’s quite a neat design, made of metal, and seems very secure.

I made a specific installation video for this one.


I usually want sunglasses around in the strong Colorado sun, and I like to keep a spare pair or two in the car. In my X5, I had no good place to keep them, but did buy a cheap visor clip that worked OK. Actually, it didn’t and broke. I think I bought 4 or 5 of them across the last 8 years.

For the Model Y, I went on Etsy and tried a couple of clips. I don’t know exactly who I got them from, but they are like this one, a 3D printed item. I used a trim tool to get them above the visor, and I ordered 3. I keep two pairs of my glasses in here and then an open holder for the passenger.

So far they work great, though only for sunglasses with thick arms.


Inside the car are some big spaces for things. Two large console buckets. The front one also has the USB-C plugs, so I did two things here.

First, a USB adapter that plugs into the 2 “C” plugs and gives me two Cs and two A (3.0) plugs. It works well, and so far it’s just holding a short A->microB cord for my headphones to charge. Once in awhile, like two times in three months, I get a notice on the car to unplug and replug it back in. Not sure why, but it hasn’t been a big issue.

I also got a console organizer for the front space. It slides on brackets and is hidden most of the time, but I have the registration, some change, and a few pens in there. It’s handy, and nice to have.

I got cupholder inserts as well. I often have water, soda, or coffee, and these are easier to clean than anything else. They work OK, but larger cups slip them out, so I have to remember to twist and pull out the cup. I had a couple coffee leaks, so I’m glad I have these. I should have something like this for the BMW.

I got a trunk organizer, which is something I’ve needed in other cars for years. Works great and keeps groceries from falling into the deep rear wells.

Interior Protection

I got a large sunshade, barely used. Too cool in the fall in CO, but it fits nice and folds up. So far, no complaints. The front window is huge, so you need a large screen.

I got some floor mats that are supposedly cut for the Model Y. I think this is a generic process now, and these were a lot less expensive than WeatherTechs. It shows. They work fine, they’ve protected from some water spills, but they don’t fit great, at least not on the driver’s side. Wouldn’t recommend.

I did get a Spigen screen protector for the display. It’s matte, and it definitely darkens things. It works fine with my sunglasses, and not sure it’s worse in direct sun. Might be better. Really, in bright sun, nothing works well.

I also got the lifting pads, though the Tesla service guy said these weren’t needed for most mechanics. I likely want them if I change tires or need to lift the car.

I also got the Basenor Mud Flaps. Two months in, they work great.

We got a pet cover for the backseat, since we like our dogs with us. It’s ok. Covers the seat, keeps dog hair off things. We somewhat wish we had the hammock style, but not sure as we use it more and 3 of us are in the car.

That’s about it. Right now we’re still thrilled with the car, nothing I’d worry about adding, so no purchases coming anytime soon.

A video of the accessories if you want to see images of the items.

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