I saw a couple videos of the Model Y in the snow ( one with stock tires, one with all season Tesla tires) last year, but I hadn’t had the chance to experience it in Colorado yet.

That is until earlier this week. We returned home from Las Vegas to freezing temperatures. The BMW showed –5 on the drive home from the airport. I was glad we hadn’t left the Tesla there. I don’t know what the drain would be, but I wasn’t interested in coming home to a low battery after a week.

I got snow tires a couple weeks ago</a> and wrote about the experience. When we had a light snow, really a half inch of sleet, the car slipped a few times taking turns in the neighborhood on pavement. It had me a bit worried as I’ve been in snow with summer tires and things don’t go well.

In this case, we got about 2-3 inches of snow and I needed to run to town. It wasn’t a great test, as lots of the pavement was clear, but the driveway wasn’t. Ruts from a few trucks and the X5, but still snow. The kind of snow that the Prius could have navigated, but it would be slightly tricky and slip.

Actually, there’s a chance the Prius would get stuck, but not a big chance.

In any case, the new snow tires (Michelin X-Ice Snow) worked great. I felt confident and no slippage.

We’ll see how it goes when we get real snow or drive to the mountains.

Update Jan 6, 2022: We got about 2-3” of snow late yesterday. We left the house around 6:15 for volleyball practice and there was very little snow. However, but the time I got to the gym, the roads were covered with a light 1/2” or so. The tires seems to grip well and handle light acceleration and braking, which is how I’d drive other cars in the snow.

When I came of practice, there was a good 2” of snow on roads (and the car). We actually stopped by a store for a few things, and I grabbed a new long handled scraper/brush, as the Model Y seems to accumulate snow on the rear window (no wiper) and across the front.

Driving went well. A little slippage when accelerating into turns, but about what I’d get from other cars. I felt safe, and I’m ready to take this to the mountains, but I was aware of the weight of the car. A few times turning while slowing and going down a hill, I could see it slipping. Definitely need to be careful coming down hills and braking, leaving more room and slowing earlier.

A video of this post is available.