We’ve had the solar system running for a few months and I’ve been tracking the usage. The monitoring company tracks the data, but I want a backup, so I’ve been working on a process to upload things.

Here are the stats of where we stand currently (skipping Feb):

Month Estimate Production Surplus/Deficit Running Total
March 1362.76kW 1331.8490kW (30.91)kW  
April 1268.10kW 1943.85800kW 675.76kW 644.85kW
May 1556.82kW 1830.28kW 273.46kW 918.31kW

Three months in, we’re almost a MW up on power. If this continues, I think this will be a net zero for the year, or even a surplus. Even with the Tesla.

The one thing I don’t like is that we haven’t enough moisture, so

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