A life list is an interesting thing. I’ve known about bucket lists, even before the movie, and I’ve thought about them, but I got inspired by Ted Leonsis. I’ve also enjoyed watching my friend, Brent Ozar, and his epic life quest

In case you just want the lists:

He was a co-founder of AOL and became quite rich. He was also one of those attack-life-and-work-hard people. Especially in pushing his body. I was listening to Jim Rome one day and he interviewed Mr. Leonsis. He talked about the 101 things he wanted to do before he died. It was quite a list, impressive in scope and breadth. Not quite for me, but I loved it.

I linked to it at ESPN, but in case it disappears, here’s the list. I think it’s outdated, as I suspect ESPN doesn’t keep it up to date. I thought during the interview he had played Jordan 1:1.

I. Family matters 1. Fall in love and get married (done) 2. Have a healthy son (done) 3. Have a healthy daughter (done) 4. Take care of mother and father (done) 5. Take care of in-laws (done) 6. Take care of extended family (done) 7. Have grandchildren 8. Have great-grandchildren 9. Leave trusts for family members (done) 10. Leave all financial matters in great shape for family members upon passing on (done) 11. Have children become individuals and self-actualized staying loving within the family

II. Financial matters

  1. Pay off college debts (done)
  2. Net worth of $10 million, after taxes (done)
  3. Net worth of $100 million, after taxes (done)
  4. Net worth of $1 billion, after taxes
  5. Zero personal debt for family (done)
  6. Make $10 million on an outside investment (done)
  7. Become a partner in a venture capital fund (done)
  8. Create $1 billion in value with an outside investment (done)
  9. Start a company and sell it (done)
  10. Conduct an IPO on a company I founded (done)
  11. Create world’s largest media company (done) III. Possessions
  12. Own a beach home that stays in family (done)
  13. Own a jet (done)
  14. Own a yacht (done)
  15. Own a convertible Porsche or Mercedes Benz (done)
  16. Own a mountain home that stays in the family (done)
  17. Own a great piece of art (done)
  18. Own a great personal collection of watches (done)
  19. Own a Ferrari (done)
  20. Restore an antique auto (done)
  21. Own a restaurant or club (done)
  22. Support someone who makes a great breakthrough in science or art IV. Charities
  23. Change someone’s life via a charity (done)
  24. Give $1 million to Georgetown University (done)
  25. Major impact on a children’s charity (done)
  26. Start a family charity foundation (done)
  27. Give away $100 million in lifetime
  28. Have a building/perpetual memorial named after the family V. Sports
  29. Own a sports franchise (basketball, hockey or football) (done)
  30. Win a world championship
  31. Go to a Super Bowl with Dolphins or Redskins (done)
  32. Go to a Final Four with Georgetown (done)
  33. Go to a World Series with Yankees (done)
  34. Meet Mickey Mantle (done)
  35. Catch a foul ball (done)
  36. Go to an NBA All-Star Game (done)
  37. Go to an NBA draft (done)
  38. Go to an NHL All-Star Game (done)
  39. Go to a Capitals Stanley Cup (done)
  40. Go to Olympics (done)
  41. Play Augusta
  42. Play Pebble Beach (done)
  43. Play Cypress (done)
  44. Play St. Andrews
  45. Go to Ryder Cup (done)
  46. Go to U.S. Open golf tourney (done)
  47. Go to World Cup
  48. Get a hole-in-one
  49. Play in a celebrity golf tournament
  50. Go to a US Open tennis final (done)
  51. Go to baseball All-Star Game (done)
  52. Go to a Fantasy Camp
  53. Shoot baskets at Madison Square Garden
  54. Go one-on-one with Michael Jordan VI. Travel
  55. Go to Greece (done)
  56. Go to Italy (done)
  57. Go to Israel/Jerusalem (done)
  58. Go to Hawaii (done)
  59. Go on safari to Africa
  60. Go to London (done)
  61. Go to Paris (done)
  62. Go to Australia
  63. Sail through Caribbean (done)
  64. Sail through Mediterranean (done)
  65. Go to China
  66. Go to Brazil (done)
  67. Go to Alaska
  68. Go to Egypt (done)
  69. Go to Bali
  70. Go to Tahiti VII. Stuff
  71. Be on cover of a magazine (done)
  72. Produce a TV show (done)
  73. Go into outerspace
  74. Write a book (done)
  75. Invent a board game (done)
  76. Make a movie
  77. Win a Grammy/Oscar/Tony Award
  78. Meet Ted Turner (done)
  79. Meet Bill Gates (done)
  80. Get an honorary degree (done)
  81. Hold elective office (done)
  82. Go to White House/meet President (done)
  83. Advise a foreign government (done)
  84. Live overseas
  85. Go to Oscars
  86. Go to MTV Awards Show (done)
  87. See the Rolling Stones (done)
  88. See The Who (done)
  89. Take a year sabbatical
  90. Sail around the world with family Tally 71/101